Date: November 20, 2004
Location: Morgantown, WV
Present: C.P. Negri, Samantha von der Heydt, Andrea Brown and Marian Hollinger
Absent: Linda Shields
Meeting commenced at 1:00 p.m.


1. President's Report: State code says that under the insurance commission, all licensed providers must be reimbursed, but no one "polices" this law. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of West Virginia has recently claimed that they do not reimburse for acupuncture, in spite of their having issued provider numbers to acupuncturists.

There seems to be difficulty for many practitioners in working with the insurance industry regarding reimbursements for acupuncture services. As a result, many practitioners are operating cash businesses. There was discussion on the topic. Some held the opinion that it would be good for the Oriental Medical profession to gain wider and easier approval for participation in medical insurance programs. Others believe that it would be in the best interest of our profession to not participate in the system as it currently operates.

Regarding Professional Limited Liability Corporations, issue 2 indicates that certificates must be issued. One has been issued to Drs. Samples and Adlington, LLC, and one is pending for Stacy Roman.

2. Transfer of files to new Secretary: Samantha von der Heydt took physical possession of all the licensure files for all licensees in West Virginia. The board unanimously approved the purchase of a locking and fireproof file cabinet to securely store the files. It was agreed that von der Heydt would receive and process all new applications from now on, while Negri would administer the renewal process. Also, upon notification of acceptance of applications by von der Heydt, Negri will also oversee the production of the official state license certificates as prepared by the printers and calligrapher. Further, the message for the Board’s voice mail phone number will be changed to ask callers to contact von der Heydt. Most calls pertain to application for licensure questions, but other calls can be referred to the appropriate board member. Also, the board agreed that von der Heydt should rent a P.O. Box in White Sulphur Springs, as previously a box has been rented in Huntington, the location of the recently retired Secretary of the Board, Darrell Samples. Once this is accomplished, Dr. Samples will be notified to cancel the P.O. Box in Huntington with all mail forwarded to the new P.O. Box in White Sulphur Springs.

3. Treasurer's Report: Andrea Brown circulated a copy of the current budget report. She also provided training to the new board members on completing state required forms for reimbursement of expenditures related to Board business and meetings.

4. A copy of Title 32, Series 2 of the Legislatives Rules was distributed to the Board members. It has been passed by the Legislative Rules Committee, but still needs to be passed by the Senate. A discussion of how the scope of practice in West Virginia impacts the profession ensued.

5. License Certificates: Negri distributed certificates for approved applications for licensure for board members to sign.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:05 p.m.