West Virginia Board of Acupuncture
Disciplinary Actions

The WV Board of Acupuncture is charged with investigating any allegations of wrong doing or violations by licensee. Below is a list of disciplinary actions that have been determined by the board.

Sanction Definitions
No Action: The issue before the Board was reviewed and no action was taken.
Dismissed: The issue before the Board was reviewed and was dismissed without disciplinary action.
Pending: The issue is under review and awaiting final determination by the Board.
Referred: The issue before the Board was reviewed and referred to another Board for investigation.
Consent: The Licensee has entered into a negotiated agreement with the Board to avoid legal action.
Probation: A form of disciplinary action that includes a negotiated agreement and the license is imprinted with "Probation."
Suspended: The Licensee is prohibited from obtaining a license for a specified period of time.
Revoked: The most serious penalty that prevents the individual from obtaining a license.
Denied License Renewal: The board of directors found probable cause to deny the license renewal.

Please contact the board office for any additional information relating to a disciplinary action.

Fiscal Year 2017
Last Name First Name License Number Complaint Number Sanction Sanction Date
Mahalati Zauher 96190 17-00 Denied License Renewal 09/24/2017