The Board had its regular fall meeting on November 15, 1997, located in the historic Entler Hotel and Museum, 129 E. German Street, Shephardstown, West Virginia.
Present were: Martha Ashelman, C. P. Negri, D. E. Samples, and Jeffrey T. Worth.
Absent was C. W. Kim.

The meeting began at 11:00 am.

The Board approved the minutes of the previous meeting.

The Board received a report from Jeffrey Worth on the current account balance.

The Board received a report from D. E. Samples regarding the Interim Legislative Session.

The Board approved by unanimous consent the establishment of a telephone number, answering system, statewide publication of the number, and established Jeffrey Worth as the Board member to monitor the phone. This complies with the Legislature Joint Subcommittee B, Government Organization request for consumers being able to contact the Board in the normal course of business. The telephone number established is (304) 529-4558.

The Board approved by unanimous consent the establishment of a set of rules, which will comply with the Legislative Rule-Making Review Committee’s request. The Board’s decision is to review the rules from the other health professional boards in the State as well as rules from other states to develop a set of rules for West Virginia. The Board established D. E. Samples as the Board member to prepare these documents for the next regular meeting.

The Board approved by unanimous vote the following applicants:

Dr. Janice Huetter, M. Ac., DDS
Hagerstown, MD

Dr. Mary Margaret Magan, AP, M. Ac.
Pittsburg, PA

Anne Strozier, BA, M. Ac.
Alexandria, VA

Dr. Qun Zhou, MS, MD
Morgantown, WV

The Board denied by unanimous vote the application of:

Dr. Stephen Thaxton, DC
Sissonsville, WV

The Board was adjourned by Dr. Negri there being no additional business.