Date: Saturday June 14th, 2003
Location: Hampton Inn, Morgantown, WV
Present: Andrea Brown, C.P. Negri, D.E. Samples

Absent: Martha Ashelman, Linda Shields
Public: Ken Lowry, Samantha von der Heydt
Quorum Present
Meeting commenced at 1:00 p.m.

Report of the President, C. P. Negri
Scope of Practice issues
Matters Concerning Legislative Rules
Upcoming and Past Legislative Session
State Association

Treasurer’s Report

Expenditures- (Andrea Brown)—It was decided that newspaper advertising of Board’s contact information for public awareness was essential. It was agreed to expend Board funds to promote public safety issues. Vote was unanimous.

Andrea Brown is to check into upgrading the Board’s web site for greater ease of public access to Board members, public complaint forms and access to license listing. Vote was unanimous.

Motion was made for expenditure on a new Board computer and e-mail access for Board members at Board expense. Vote was unanimous.

Proposed Acupuncture Assistants Legislative Rule – Tabled until future meeting. Vote unanimous.

HIPPA – Dr. Negri explained the reasoning for patient protection and is preparing a Board issued paper for each license holder. Expenditure for production and mailing at Board expense. Vote was unanimous.

FAOMRA (Federation of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Regulating Agencies) – Expenditure for membership, $1000.00 was proposed and agreed. Vote unanimous.

Expenditure for travel and expenses of attending the national meetings in Florida in November of this year was proposed and agreed upon. Vote unanimous.

Series 2 of CRS was reviewed and discussed. Proposed Rule was accepted as presented without changes to accept public comment period. Vote unanimous.

Expenditure Proposal: Public Awareness of Licensure Requirement

Rationale - The West Virginia Board of Acupuncture Examiners was created by an Act of the Legislature and became law by the Governor’s hand in 1996. The public may not know that licensure is required in West Virginia in order to hold one’s self out as an acupuncturist, oriental medical doctor, or acupuncture physician.

To that end the following proposal is made to the Board:

The Board should set aside a portion of its annual budget towards public awareness and education.

Methods – The Board publish in the major metropolitan newspapers an advertisement that provides the public with access to the Board and its published list of licensee’s.

Areas covered should include:

Charleston, Parkersburg, Morgantown, Wheeling, Clarksburg, Fairmont, Beckley, Bluefield, Lewisburg, White Sulfur Springs, Logan, Huntington, Point Pleasant, Harpers Ferry, New Martinsburg, and Kaiser.

Budget – Each newspaper has a different rate for similar sized advertisements. I will provide the background by the meeting. I suggest that we think in terms of a quarter sized page either once or twice in each local paper.

Suggested Ad Contents:

“In order to practice acupuncture or Oriental Medicine in West Virginia YOU MUST be licensed by the Board of Acupuncture. Is your acupuncturist licensed?
Would you like to find out? Check the WVBOA web page at

Did you know that licensed acupuncturists in West Virginia must go to school a minimum of three years and some study up to five years in Oriental treatments? This evidenced based study is focused upon holistic medical problem solving.

If you think that you have been treated by a practitioner who is not licensed, please contact the Complaint Committee at:

C.P. Negri, O.M.D., Chairman, E-mail Address:
Or written suggestions and complaints to:
Dr. C. P. Negri, O.M.D., Complaint Committee Chairman, 364 High Street, Suite 203, Morgantown, W. Va., 26505”

The Consolidation of the health occupational licensing boards –

It was noted that the consolidation of the health occupational licensing boards under a new super agency was not passed this past legislative session, but probably will be re-introduced this next year. This measure will place each of the separate boards under the direct supervision of a Charleston-based agency.

Proposed Replacement Board Members:
Physician members:
Christine Mattcionas
Rosie Cannerella
Kendall Wilson

Acupuncture members:
Michelle De Stephano
Samantha Van der Hedyt

Proposed new per diem for Board members, $150.00, agreed, Vote unanimous.

Meeting Adjourned.